Responsible Travel Policy – Hiking on Kos

The beautiful nature, the kind people, and the amazing food. Mariella fell in love with Kos. That’s why she is organizing holidays on Kos. To share the real beauty of Kos with travelers. It is very important to Mariella and her team to do this with respect for nature and all living creatures:

Vegetarian (and vegan) cuisine

Did you know authentic Greek cuisine has plenty of delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes? We choose to serve vegetarian food only. With plenty of vegan options. Why? Why not! This way you’ll enjoy amazing food, without living creatures having to suffer. So let’s feast on this amazing vegetarian food!

Discover Kos by bike

The bike is our favorite way to explore the island of Kos! We help you to rent a bike. Why do we love exploring Kos by bike? It’s healthy and environment-friendly. It gives you time to mindfully observe the beauty of Kos. Plus it’s the best way to discover hidden beaches.

Go local on Kos

We encourage our guests to explore the island and experience the Greek way of living. We’ll tell our guests about our favorite local tavernas, so you can meet local people and enjoy their hospitality. We tell you nice places to discover local wines. And for the food we serve, we use as many local ingredients as possible. 

Taking care of the animals

Mariella has a big heart for animals. She spends a lot of her time rescuing cats and dogs. She feeds stray animals, takes orphan kittens into her home to feed them, and provides them with a safe home. She’s involved in sterilization programs. 

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